Hyundai Santa Fe Speedometer Not Working – How To Fix

By Max Anthony •  Updated: 05/06/22 •  3 min read

Hyundai is known as a company that produces reliable and safe vehicles. The Hyundai Santa Fe is a model that has received positive reviews from customers because of its high quality and affordability. However, the Hyundai Santa Fe can sometimes malfunction, which will result in problems with the speedometer.

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If you find that your speedometer is not working properly, then you should take your vehicle to an expert so they can help you resolve this issue. You should check whether there is a problem with the speedometer or if it has been damaged by accident or otherwise. However, here are some things you can do on your own to check your speedometer

Check for a faulty speed sensor

If your speedometer is not working, then you should check whether there is a problem with the speed sensor. When you have a faulty speed sensor, you will often see the P0500 trouble code.

The speed sensor is used not only to control the speedometer, but also to control the cruise control system and it may be used to control the way the engine runs. If the indicator light on your engine is on, you can check the trouble code with a scanner.  If you do not have a scanner, take it to your local parts store and ask someone to run it for you.

Check for broken wires

If you expose wires to or from the speed sensor, that can cause your speedometer in Santa Fe to not work anymore. It is possible to experience this after driving through heavy water. You should check to see if the fuse has blown. If that is the case, keep in mind that the problem will eventually arise again if it is not addressed immediately.

Check for a loose connection

If you find that your speedometer is not working, then you should check whether there is a loose connection in the wire harness. If you find that there is a loose connection, then you should check whether the wire has been damaged or damaged by accident.

Check for debris

You should also check whether there is any debris that has caused the speedometer to stop working properly. You can use a multimeter to test the connections of your wires and make sure that they are not damaged.

Check the control unit

You should also check whether the control unit is working properly. Among the things that your Santa Fe engine control unit does is collect all of the data that the sensors gather. Then it sends important information about the vehicle telemetry to the driver over the instrument cluster.

What can go wrong with the control unit? It could be that it is not able to send the speed telemetry to the instrument panel. Such a situation is possible if there are no speed sensor-related trouble codes.

Take your car to a repair shop

When none of those solutions work for you, take your Hyundai Santa Fe to a repair shop that specializes in repairs for such vehicles, so that they can help you fix the problems that may have occurred to your vehicle.

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