U-Haul Pickup Truck – Capabilities, Dimensions and Cost

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Some people are not ready to wait to buy a new chair, a new lawnmower, or a new plant. You may have some things that you need to bring with you when you go to a new place. U-Haul offers a service that will help you move things much faster than you would if you bought a brand new truck. You’ll be able to rent U-Haul pick-up trucks for your short distance move.

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If your home doesn’t include a pick-up truck, you can rent one from U-Haul. It’s helpful for moving heavy things, like household items or gardening tools, or towing your boat or car. U-Haul makes renting a pickup easy, and rents trailers, cargo vans and moving trucks in various sizes that are perfect for large jobs.

The number of U-Haul rental locations vary widely depending on where you are in the United States and Canada. U-Haul offers a number of convenient ways to conveniently rent leased trucks. Pick up your rental vehicle and drop it off at a convenient location. Rentals start as low as $19.95 and vary based on the distance traveled.

The Uses of Pick-Up Trucks

Options for Pick-Up Trucks to Rent from U-Haul

GMC and Ford are the two brands that U-Haul trucks are available in, and they are available in many of their locations.

GMC offers the Sierra 1500 – a big pickup truck with a regular cab and a long bed. GMC Sierra Trucks have a box that is 98.2′′ long, or about 8′. Ford will offer a Regular Cab with an 8′ long bed in its 2022 F-150.

U-Haul Pickup Truck

Live Mechanic Help 24/7
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Connect with a verified mechanic in minutes. No appointments. No high fees. No waiting. Get back on the road and enjoy the ride.

U-Haul does not offer a full line of options that are usually offered when you buy a GMC or a Ford truck. GMC and Ford offer other pickup trucks that are comparable in size to the Sierra and F-150. They offer a wide range of options for the pickups and the beds on these trucks.

GMC Sierra trucks are available with either a Double Cab and a Crew Cab. The Sierra 1500 has a length of 69.92″ for the short box and 79.42″ for the standard one. Ford offers F-150s that have either super cabs or super crew cabs, and with beds that are 6’6′′ or 5’6′′ long.

U-Haul does not rent small pickups, but does rent for cargo van rentals, which have an interior of 9′ and box trucks of 10′ to 26′ in lengths

Specifications of the Pick-Up Trucks to Rent from U-Haul

It’s not uncommon to find GMC or Ford pickups that are slightly longer and wider than U-Hauls vehicles, with a bed length of approximately 8′, width of 5’1″, and height of about 1’10′′.

Deck is 34 inches off the ground, and the truck weighs 6,800 lbs max. The largest pickup trucks can carry a maximum weight that is 6,800 lbs and have 4,474 lbs of empty capacity. Trucks can haul loads up to 2,280 lbs and tow up to 6,000 pounds.

U-haul pickups have a large fuel tank that holds 28 gallons of fuel. Pickup trucks average about 19 MPG, but this could drop depending on the load and the driving conditions.

A U-Haul pick-up has space for up to three people, and the vehicle has an AM/FM radio and air conditioning. There are enough seats in a U-Haul truck to fit three adults and two children. There are air conditioning controls and an AM/FM radio on the dashboard.

U-haul pickup trucks come with an automated transmission and have a suspension that gives you a comfortable ride.

You probably won’t be able to choose all the different pickup trucks that are available if it were your dream to buy a new GMC or a Ford, but hiring a truck from U-Haul is easy and inexpensive and may be just what you need.

How to Book A U-Haul Pick-Up Truck

Booking rentals for specific days or weeks can help you plan out the time required for a particular project. You will find many uses for your pickup trucks every day. You can go to U-Haul’s website for the reservation and more information.

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